So you want to create a new habit...
My name's Duff and I'm here to help.

What's your name? *

Hi, {{answer_17082456}}! Nice to meet you.

This worksheet will take about 10-30 minutes to complete.

So what specific new behavior do you want to adopt?

Examples: exercise 30 minutes a day 5 days a week, start bedtime routine at 9:30pm, read 1 hour a day
Ok so you want to {{answer_17082595}}.

In what context will you do this? Where, when, and with whom?

Example: at the gym, after work, by myself (for exercise)
Ok, {{answer_17082456}}. So you want to {{answer_17082595}} and you want to do this is {{answer_17082715}}.

What is the trigger which will let you know it's time to start?

(The trigger should occur immediately before you {{answer_17082595}}.)

A trigger can be something you see, hear, feel, or do. Examples: walk in the door, brush my teeth, use the bathroom, see an elevator, hear an alarm go off, feel sleepy, etc.
Ok, so your trigger is {{answer_17083163}}.

Will this trigger be present for 5 days in a row?

If not, go back up to the previous step and pick a different trigger.

So ultimately you want to {{answer_17082595}}.

What is the tiniest first step? So tiny it takes less than 30 seconds and no willpower at all to do?

It should seem "stupid small." Examples: floss one tooth, put on workout clothes, do one pushup, write 50 words, read 2 pages, etc.
So here's your "tiny habit":

After I {{answer_17083163}}, I will {{answer_17083687}}.

Write this down! This is what you will commit to doing for 5 consecutive days.

If it seems too small to do any good, that's a sign you did it right.
How will you celebrate after you complete your tiny habit?

Something silly is OK. Example: pump fist in the air and say "Yes!"

Don't use sugar or potentially addictive substances as a reward/celebration.
So again, your tiny habit is...

After I {{answer_17083163}}, I will {{answer_17083687}}.

And after you do this, you will {{answer_17083915}} to celebrate.

Now to lock in this tiny habit, do WOOP.

Go to and listen to the 5 minute audio.

I'll wait here.

Note: the Wish and Outcome steps can represent the full habit, not just the tiny habit.
So now continue visualizing by imagining the trigger (see/hear/feel/do) and then doing the tiny habit, over and over in your mind.

Imagine successfully navigating every possible obstacle you can think of.

Do this at least 30 times now.

This should only take a few minutes.
Now let's test it.

First just break your state by looking around the room for a few seconds.

Now imagine you {{answer_17083163}} and notice what you immediately see yourself {{answer_17083687}} or feel a strong desire to do it?

If no, go back to the previous step and do more visualizing.

Now go sign up for

Set your goal to simply be to do your tiny habit for 5 days in a row.

Set your stakes high enough that it would suck to lose that money. I suggest you take your yearly salary and divide by 100.

Example: if you make $50,000/year, set the stakes at $500. Ouch!

Note: this step is optional. If you don't want to use negative reinforcement, just go to the next step.
Last step: accountability.

Hire me as a text-based coach on to keep you accountable:

Sign up for the "Tiny Habit" goal and use promo code DUFFWEEK to get your first week free.

Stay for longer than a week to get accountability the whole way to your full goal of {{answer_17082595}}.

You can chat with me in the app, and I can answer any questions you have along the way. You can also track your progress in the app.

Or if you want me to guide you step-by-step over Skype, you can hire me to be your coach:

Alternatively, you can find an accountability partner on your own.

That's it, {{answer_17082456}}!

Now the fun part: actually doing your tiny habit for 5 consecutive days.

I recommend tracking your progress in the habit-tracking app

Once you have succeeded, you can either then allow the tiny habit to grow naturally into the full habit (the ideal way), or "stack" additional tiny habits onto the completion of the first habit.

This second way works great for creating a morning routine or other types of routines that you want to have multiple elements like drink a glass of water, meditate for 10 minutes, do 10 minutes joint mobility exercises, review goals for 5 minutes, etc.
Last question, is it OK if I send you occasional emails with new articles I've written?

I don't email very often and would never sell your email or spam you.
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